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Excuses Excuses

I love hanging out with dog people. I love listening to them talk about their dogs. The struggles they face. The stories they share. I love being able to compare notes between them and my dog. To share our journey … Continue reading

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Happy 8th Birthday, Risa!

Happy 8th Birthday, Risa! It’s hard to believe you’re not still that adolescent pain in the butt I brought home from the shelter. People rarely believe you’re that old. You certainly don’t act like it! There are times I notice … Continue reading

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Hard Work Pays Off

This weekend, Risa finally earned her AKC Rally Advanced (RA) title. We’ve been seeking this title for a while. Almost exactly a year ago, Risa earned her RN in AKC Rally. Since she seemed to be doing so well, I … Continue reading

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The New Year

Last year was pretty awesome for Risa. She had plenty of opportunities to go lure coursing, attended training classes, got to meet up with friends, traveled to various trials and seminars, and competed more times than ever before! Ris also … Continue reading

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