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Lead By Example

On our walk today, Risa and I passed by a lady walking her two dogs. We’ve passed this particular woman before (at least 2 other times). The second time I saw her, she made a point to tell me that … Continue reading

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It’s Not You. It’s Me!

It’s like one of those bad breakup lines but, in this case, it’s true! 😉 While I do still believe Risa’s occasional lack of focus while heeling has its roots in her hypervigilance and fear, I recently realized that it’s … Continue reading

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Seven Links

I’ve been tagged by my good friend over at Success Just Clicks, Tena. My 7 Links is basically a way for a blogger to showcase some of their possibly forgotten posts. So, here we go! My most beautiful post: A … Continue reading

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No Cue For You!

Sometimes I feel that a cue from me is completely unnecessary. There are several behaviors I teach my dogs without asking them for anything and, once the behavior is taught, I still don’t put a cue word to it. Most … Continue reading

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Canine Carnival

One of these days, I’d like to attend one of these pet festivals and be able to enjoy browsing through the vendor tents, checking out the rescues, and watching the various dog demos. For now, however, that’s a pipe dream. … Continue reading

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