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Book Review: Behavior Adjustment Training

I hate when life gets in the way sometimes! I was so excited to get this book; I even pre-ordered it! Last night, I finally finished reading it. I must say, I’m so glad I did. Behavior Adjustment Training by … Continue reading

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It seems no matter how hard I work, focus is still an issue for Risa. While it’s true that I really only realized the depth of this issue once we started competing regularly, it’s always been a problem. I remember, … Continue reading

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I know it seems a bit early to be celebrating a year’s accomplishments. It’s not even December yet! But we’re done trialing for the year so it seems like an appropriate time to recap the year and commend all the … Continue reading

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Dog Reactivity RPG

Sometimes it all just comes together. Art, video games, and dog training. 😉

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Home-Made In America

This year, there seems to be a big push to buy local. To purchase as many gifts as we can made by American small businesses. I’m all for that! Our economy could use a serious boost. So why not do … Continue reading

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