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The Other Side

I remember, before I switched over to positive reinforcement-focused training, laughing when I thought about not ever correcting a dog or telling them “No.” I couldn’t understand how on Earth that would work. While I was debating the thought of … Continue reading

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The Power of the Dance

Last night was the final night of my canine musical freestyle class. This is the class I have waited 3 years to teach and the first class I have ever taught. It was an amazing 8 weeks. There was not … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Toolbox?

What’s in my training toolbox: Rewards (treats, toys, real-life rewards) Flat collar/Martingale/front-clip harness Training gates Platforms (of various sizes) Exercise pen Mirrors Target stick Target mat Wobble board Clicker Marker word Positive reinforcement (addition of something good to increase behavior) … Continue reading

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It bothers me when people use a dog’s breed (or lines within that breed) as an excuse for using punitive and/or dominance-based methods for training their dogs. To me, it sounds like a way to validate the use of a … Continue reading

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