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Annual Easter Egg Hunt

One of our good friends suggested this activity years ago. Risa enjoyed it so much that I’ve made it an annual tradition.

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Focus on the Do

I feel bad for some dogs when I’m out walking Risa. While I’m stuffing her full of treats and praising her to the heavens when we pass another dog, those other dogs aren’t always so lucky. Oftentimes, I hear their … Continue reading

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Small Steps

When living with a fearful or reactive dog, training is all about small steps. You have to pay attention to and celebrate the minor successes. There aren’t likely to be any major accomplishments at first. In fact, the only way … Continue reading

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This past weekend Risa and I trialed in rally again. I’ve really started to get into rally; something I wasn’t sure we’d ever click with. Not to mention there have been enough trials close by that it’s been easy to … Continue reading

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