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Peace of Mind

I need answers. I wasn’t happy with what I was seeing with Risa. Despite being on various pain meds and having seen an orthopedic specialist, she still seemed to be getting worse. While I finally knew it was a back … Continue reading

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Think Horses

Risa quickly deteriorated after earning her RAE at our club’s rally trial. While she’d been clearly sore and uncomfortable before, she was now downright miserable. She yelped in pain and her back muscles were tight. She struggled to get down … Continue reading

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The Impossible Dream

Last Saturday, Risa earned her RAE title in AKC Rally. For those not familiar with the qualifications, a dog must compete at both the Advanced and Excellent level at the same trial and qualify in both (at least 70 points … Continue reading

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But She KNOWS This!

Lately I’ve been working with Risa on her fundamentals. Mainly positions (right-side heel, fronts, behind) and working on her transitions for freestyle. I never really trained those things well since I was in a big hurry to get to the … Continue reading

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Experienced Teacher

I’ve mentioned before that Risa is my teacher dog. Sometimes I feel like she’s out to teach me everything one could possibly experience with dog ownership! From fearfulness, reactivity, raw feeding, homecooked dog diets, cancer, GI problems, traditional/holistic medicine, chiropractic … Continue reading

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