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Avoiding Conflict

As I briefly mentioned before, Risa and I are taking a course on focus through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. I have frequently mentioned how poor Risa’s focus is. It’s actually a huge frustration point for me. I know she … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast

I’m really glad I posted my Throwback Thursday entry this past week. It gave me insight and a nice reminder of where we’ve come from. And exactly how much Risa has improved. This last Saturday was the Canine Carnival: a … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

This entry is from June 13th, 2009. It’s amazing how far my girlie has come. Also worth noting is the fact that I still try and take her new places to make her feel more comfortable and that it still … Continue reading

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Tuesday the 15th marked Risa’s 8th Gotcha Day. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been together so long. She has plenty of toys and other things so I decided we’d take a day trip together to celebrate it. She’d done … Continue reading

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A New Challenger

It’s been several months since I’ve had a foster dog. I really think Risa missed having a canine friend in the house but I needed a break after Crash left. On top of that, the rescue I previously volunteered with … Continue reading

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