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Think For Yourself

I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog entry, but there are several behaviors I train without verbal cues. The main reason I do this is because I like Risa to be able to think on her own without … Continue reading

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Reactivity Can Be Good

This sounds crazy, doesn’t it? With all the whining and complaining I do regarding Risa’s dog reactivity, you’d probably think that I wouldn’t consider such a behavior to have any benefit. But it does. If it weren’t beneficial, it wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Blog the Change: Clear Path for Veterans

Situated on picturesque land overlooking some of the most gorgeous parts of central New York State is Eagle Ridge, home to Clear Path for Veterans and their Dogs to Vets program. Dogs to Vets exists to help veterans with post … Continue reading

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Risalphabet Soup

She’s just a shelter mutt. She’s not a breeding dog. Why do you even bother competing with her? It’s not like the titles mean anything. You’re not trying to prove breed-worthiness. Not to mention she’s fearful and dog reactive. Is … Continue reading

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Risa and I have been incredibly busy these past few weeks. First the Michele Pouliot seminar. Then trailing in APDT rally. We capped off our super weekends with an AKC Coursing Ability Test. Thankfully, I knew Risa wouldn’t need her … Continue reading

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