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Mick Jagger Was Right

I wanted a dog I could take with me everywhere. I wanted an agility partner that I could tear up the course with. I wanted a dog who hung on my every word. I wanted a companion to cuddle with … Continue reading

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What Do I Want?

Ever since high school I’ve dreamt of owning a German shepherd dog. I love their look, their loyalty, their drive to work with their person, their athleticism and intelligence. Any task you put them to, they’ll do. They may not … Continue reading

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It has recently become obvious to me that Risa has horrible handler focus. Honestly, I can’t figure out why I never noticed it before. Well, maybe that’s unfair. When I got her, I knew she had no focus at all. … Continue reading

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Constant Vigilance!

[caption id=”attachment_727″ align=”alignleft” width=”223″ caption=”Constant Vigilance!! Mad-Eye Moody is

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That’s More Like It!

The recall is well known as the most important behavior you can teach your dog. Risa’s recall has always been a bit iffy. She’ll do it great if I ask her to wait in place and then call her to … Continue reading

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