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First Dog

Fearful dog Shy dog Dog reactive dog Frustrating Independent Overwhelmed In over my head Crying Teacher dog Partner dog Awesome dog Inspiring Trusting Teamwork Thankful for all I’ve learned Proud

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For the past several months, I’ve been working on Risa’s fundamentals. Mainly positions (left side heel, right side heel, and front) and working on focus. These are her main sticking points and the biggest issues I have with her when … Continue reading

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The End and the Beginning

It’s a happy day in my household. Sawyer has been adopted. I’m very happy for him; it was finally time for him to go. He joins a great family with two feline brothers. He seemed to fit right in and … Continue reading

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You Handle It

I’m constantly amazed at how well Risa is doing with my foster dogs. Considering her fearfulness and her uncertainty around strange dogs, she is doing exceptionally well with having other dogs in the house. Especially since she is less comfortable … Continue reading

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