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The Mark of the Best

I didn’t expect to get this puppy. Sure, I was looking. I knew what I wanted and had contacted a few people about litters or available pups in 2020. I found out about Kyber’s litter through a friend, reached out … Continue reading

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Not the Dog I Wanted

This is a hard thing to admit. That your dreams for this dog don’t align with the reality of the dog in front of you. I’ve been through it twice now. Risa was supposed to be my sports superstar and … Continue reading

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The Worst Luck

I feel cursed. On Tuesday, Kyber was playing in the yard with Kyu. He bumped into Kyu as they were running in a straight line towards me, lifted slightly, and landed screaming on three legs. We tried for x-rays that … Continue reading

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Smart Setups

Having a puppy is a lot of work. I forgot how much work it is. LOL I like my adult dogs. The ones that already “get life” so I don’t have to monitor them all the time, worry about their … Continue reading

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Expectation versus Reality

Expectation: – Go anywhere, do anything dog – Walking buddy – Agility dog – Social and friendly with kids, dogs, and people – I get to show off all I know about dog training – Snuggly Reality: – Afraid of … Continue reading

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