Lead By Example

On our walk today, Risa and I passed by a lady walking her two dogs. We’ve passed this particular woman before (at least 2 other times). The second time I saw her, she made a point to tell me that she was doing what I was doing. She’d seen me giving Risa treats as we passed her and her dog and decided to give it a try herself! I grinned widely.

Today, when we saw her again, she told me that she was doing like I told her. She had a clicker and was click/treating her dogs as Risa and I walked past. Again, I smiled at her and beamed inside.

It reminded me that people are always watching. You can enlighten people and share your knowledge with them simply by doing what you always do. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. The results of your training are right there for anyone to see. 😀

About Jamie

I'm just a traditionally-trained artist with interests in dog training. I currently teach classes at the local obedience training club (tricks, freestyle, and Rally-FrEe) and I also teach classes professionally for an organization who helps veterans train their own service dogs.
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2 Responses to Lead By Example

  1. Tucker's Mom says:

    Wow, what wonderful positive reinforcement! And here’s a click and treat for you!

  2. Jamie says:

    Thank you! R+ benefits people too. 🙂 It made my evening.

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