Portrait Progress

It’s not often I take the time to keep track of my progress as I work on a portrait. But, every once in a while, it’s fun to keep a record of it. Since I finally decided it was time to do a portrait of my own dog, I scanned it as I worked on it.

I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to do a portrait of my own pet. I’m so picky when it comes to the portraits that I thought I’d only be able to see the glaring errors and never be able to enjoy the drawing. Fortunately, that didn’t turn out to be the case at all. This is one portrait I am glad I don’t have to part with! It was a lot of fun to work on; especially with the more vivid color scheme. I’m pretty darn proud of this piece. It captures my silly, grinny girl to a T.

December 16, 2011. The sketch with a small portion rendered.

December 23, 2011.

December 30, 2011.

Eyes done! January 3, 2012.

January 6, 2012.

January 15, 2012.

January 19, 2012.

Big ol' ears done. January 20, 2012.

January 21, 2012.

The finished product. My misfit. January 25, 2012.

About Jamie

I'm just a traditionally-trained artist with interests in dog training. I currently teach classes at the local obedience training club (tricks, freestyle, and Rally-FrEe) and I also teach classes professionally for an organization who helps veterans train their own service dogs.
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  1. robin sallie says:

    WOW! Very nice work.

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