Merry Christmas

Oh Christmas Tree!

The Holidays have come and gone. Risa and I certainly got a great haul for Christmas and it was nice getting a chance to spend some time with the family. It was a bit sad since my brother and sis-in-law weren’t around this year. But such is the way of things. We still managed to have a great time.

Risa was like a kid at Christmas the entire day. Bouncing off the walls and being a general pest. I tossed a present at her right away to get her to leave me alone while I went through the contents of my stocking. She tore into that and revealed a stuffing-less snowman from my mom. After enjoying chewing and squeaking him for about 30 seconds, she was back to bugging me. Nose in my stocking trying to help me open my gifts. So I gave her the present from Santa Paws and let her have at it. She got 3 squeaky squirrels (the kind you use in those puzzle toys) and was content to squeak them incessantly for several minutes. Much to the dismay of the humans’ ears but at least she was leaving me alone! 😉

She went through the rest of her gifts fairly quickly and was occupied enough with her new toys to allow me to open my gifts in peace. Before the rest of the family arrived, she curled up into her bed for a quick nap.

Our guests were greeted first with a lot of barking. Not atypical for Risa. But, as soon as she realized that no one else was worried about the ‘intruders’ she went right up to sniff them. She’d met everyone before so it wasn’t long before she remembered who they were and allowed them to pet her at their leisure. Risa was actually quite social which is a huge improvement for her. In fact, later in the day, she brought her new tug toy over to each of my grandmothers and engaged them in play!

Opening gifts is so much fun!

I spoiled her with some cheese tidbits and even a small piece of ham. Her gut has been off again so I was hesitant to give her too much for fear of making it worse before it gets better. But she was happy to get some yummy morsels of the good stuff.

Once things died down and the company left, Risa settled in for a nice long nap. She was exhausted. Risa slept on the foot thing of the chair I was seated in, snuggled up next to me, and dozed for a good hour or so while I read. If I hadn’t been reading, I would have probably been sleeping too!

We had a great Christmas and were blessed with great company. Risa and I got quite a haul of gifts as well which is really nice. Risa got a stuffing-less snowman from my mom, a grunting rabbit from my brother and sis-in-law, 3 squeaking squirrels from Santa Paws, a candy-cane stripped bone from my grandma, a lure-coursing slip lead from me, a snap-on dish for her kennel from me, and another awesome fleece tug from our friends: Tena, Rio and Shayne over at Success Just Clicks.

"I got a lot of amazing gifts this year! I must have been really good."

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