Missing You

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. A whole year without you. No new memories to share. Just old ones to savor.

I don’t know that I’ve ever known anyone as intimately as I knew you. Some of it was out of necessity, sure. But I think it was more than just that. We grew together. Both of us helping the other to become better. We were rocks for each other. I helped you feel confident in the world. You were my confidant and constant companion through some really challenging times in my life.

As much as I miss our closeness and relationship that I still can’t define, I can’t help but remember the good times we had. You introduced me to so many wonderful people and friends despite not being gregarious yourself. How lonely I would be had I not met them all? How much richer were both our lives because of these friends?

We traveled across the country and lived in multiple states. You walked alongside and/or romped in so many bodies of water. You saw so much of the world beyond the backyard you spent the first 2.5 years of your life in.

You were not the ideal sports dog but we made it work. You were meant to be in the spotlight; you ate it up. It was not easy. It was an incredible challenge for us both but we shone so brightly together. That bond. . .the indescribable bond we shared filled that ring. You always gave me everything you had. As stressful as trials could be, I know you enjoyed showcasing your skills and talents to an audience. Nowhere did you shine brighter than in freestyle. That was your sport. You were always great in practice but it was on the day of competition where you really put it out there. You were a ham and loved the attention. The chance to show off.

You got me into dog training. It eventually lead to me doing it professionally. I helped you. You taught me. I wanted to share what I knew and help others realize how diamond-bright those rough dogs could shine.

I became a better person through you. You changed my worldview and helped me to see things in a different way. A better way. We never quit no matter how hard it was. You overcame fear, cancer, GI troubles, a bad back. . . We persevered. We found a way.

Words fail to describe everything you were to me. Your physical presence is gone but you live on strong in my heart. There, you will never fade. The dog I owe so much to. My friend. My heart. Forever and always mine, Awesome Dog. <3

About Jamie

I'm just a traditionally-trained artist with interests in dog training. I currently teach classes at the local obedience training club (tricks, freestyle, and Rally-FrEe) and I also teach classes professionally for an organization who helps veterans train their own service dogs.
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