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Risalphabet Soup

She’s just a shelter mutt. She’s not a breeding dog. Why do you even bother competing with her? It’s not like the titles mean anything. You’re not trying to prove breed-worthiness. Not to mention she’s fearful and dog reactive. Is … Continue reading

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Risa and I have been incredibly busy these past few weeks. First the Michele Pouliot seminar. Then trailing in APDT rally. We capped off our super weekends with an AKC Coursing Ability Test. Thankfully, I knew Risa wouldn’t need her … Continue reading

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Freestyle Practice

Lately I’ve been trying to utilize toy rewards in my training more. Especially since Risa’s favorite activity is running. The best way I can utilize that as a reward is to use her flirt pole. Initially, I found using toys … Continue reading

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She’s a MANIAC!

Yesterday I took Risa lure coursing again. She had a great time and earned her WCM (Wylde Courser Maniac) title after her final run of the day. She’s the first dog to take home this title. The lure course operator … Continue reading

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Celebration Extravaganza

Since I thought 5 years together was too momentous of an occasion not to go all out and celebrate, I had an amazing weekend planned for Risa and I. It started off a bit slowly but culminated in a weekend … Continue reading

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