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Disaster Dog

I recently returned two bags of hypoallergenic kibble because Risa couldn’t tolerate them. One made her itchy and the other upset her gut. 🙁 So I find myself trying to adjust her homecooked diet again to avoid whatever food(s) might … Continue reading

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Changing Relationship

Relationships aren’t static. They’re always changing. Risa is now 14 years old and our relationship is definitely different these days. I’m not sure I like the change. She’s still active and enjoys training. I don’t do a lot with her … Continue reading

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Making the Switch

I’ve been home cooking for Risa for almost a month now. I’ve only been doing it properly for about 2-3 weeks, though. 😉 I did some research in the Whole Dog Journal, had a friend send me a pamphlet and … Continue reading

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Let’s add another thing to the ever-growing list of “things I had no anticipation of learning more about when I adopted Risa.” First raw-feeding (before I adopted her, actually). Then learning about rehabilitating a fearful dog, clicker training, dog body … Continue reading

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The Frustrating Gut

Risa has a long history of gastrointestinal (GI) issues. They started 6 months after I adopted her. She experienced loose poops and significant weight loss. I had no idea what was going on. Fecals came back free of parasites. Metronidozole … Continue reading

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