Adopt the Internet Day

It’s hard to believe that almost 5 years ago I started my dog search. The first site I visited: Petfinder. Today, Petfinder is celebrating it’s 15 year anniversary! It’s amazing to think that Petfinder has been helping people find new, loving companions for so long.

I love Petfinder. It’s so easy to find animals in your area that are available for adoption. You can search for what you’re interested in without ever leaving the house. Then, if you find a pet that you think might just be your new best friend, you can drive out and meet them. It really is an amazing site and you can find a companion you might never have located otherwise (Risa came from a shelter that was 3 hours away from where I lived! Never would have found her without Petfinder!)

While Risa may not appear to be the best poster dog for rescuing a shelter dog (with her ‘issues’), not every dog in the shelter or at a rescue needs intense behavior-modifying training. Some of them were simply given up because the family had no time for them. Or because they were behaving like dogs do and no one bothered to spend some time training them and teaching them how to behave appropriately in human society. It can even be as silly as the dog no longer matches the furniture (seriously). And there aren’t just mixed breeds in shelters but thousands of purebreds. Puppies, young dogs, older dogs, seniors. . .you’d be surprised what can show up.

And, of course, I can’t forget the other pets Petfinder helps place. From cats and horses to guinea pigs and ferrets. You can even find scaley friends there!

Dylan, the 11-month old Lab mix.

In honor of Adopt the Internet Day, I’d like to highlight a pet who’s in need of a good home. This is Dylan, an 11-month old Lab mix who has been fostered by a friend of mine since August. There has been little interest in Dylan and I can’t figure out why!

I met Dylan recently at a flyball tournament. For those of you unfamiliar with flyball, it’s LOUD. Dogs are practically barking non-stop, there’s a lot of fast action, many dogs milling around, lots of people, etc. Dylan didn’t seem bothered by it at all. He was definitely overwhelmed by the activity but not in a negative way. I saw him appropriately greet several dogs and even got some loving from children. He was a little reserved and leery of men but I don’t think it’s something that would be difficult for him to get over.

He’s quite a character and has a great little personality. If I were in the right position to add another dog to the family, I would seriously consider Dylan myself! According to his foster mom, he LOVES to run (so a fenced in yard is a must) and is tireless. He’s also very smart. Several people at the flyball tournament thought he had the potential to be a good flyball dog. I think he could excel in freestyle as well.

Even if Dylan isn’t what you’re looking for, take a tour of Petfinder’s site and see if you can’t find your next best friend there. You’d be surprised what you might come across. Maybe your next champion (be it in dog sports or watching movies on the couch) is just a mouse click away!

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

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I'm just a traditionally-trained artist with interests in dog training. I currently teach classes at the local obedience training club (tricks, freestyle, and Rally-FrEe) and I also teach classes professionally for an organization who helps veterans train their own service dogs.
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