Animation Breakdown:

Demo Reel
Cow Abduction Keno: Animated in Flash.
Fat Fox Walk Cycle:  Character design, Flash animation using a Wacom tablet.
Dora the Explorer:  Animated Benny the Bull's dance in Flash.
Et Tu, Brute?:  Character design, hand-drawn animation.
Cow Abduction Keno:  Animated in Flash.
Generi Walk Cycle:  Maya PLE animation using the Generi rig (found online).
Call of the Wild:  Character design, hand-drawn animation.
Scooby Doo:  Animated in Flash.
I Just Can't Win:  Character design, hand-drawn animation.
Poker Dogs:  Character and game design.  Animated in Flash.

Fat Fox Walk Cycle
Character design, animated in Flash using a Wacom tablet.

Gambler's Edge Keno/Poker (Miss Kitty)
Created the mouth shapes and eye blinks for the newly-added character, MIss
Kitty.  Lip synced her dialogue.

Norman's "Accident"
Animated the Norman Rig (found online), modeled the ball and the ground plane.  
Animated the lip sync using a quote from the Nickelodeon cartoon series "Angry
Beavers" that I located online.

Generi Walk Cycle
Animated the Generi Rig (found online, I did not model/rig him myself) in Maya
5.0 PLE.  Lighting and ground plane were done by a coworker.

Cow Abduction Keno
Redrew the background in Flash.  Animated Easter egg animations for the 'Alien
Cam' section of the main game (Spaceship Tic-Tac-Toe, Cow hit by space train)
as well as other idles for the 'Alien Cam.'  Animated the Bonus round.

Tom Cat Keno
Animated idle animations for the cat character in the main game screen.  
Designed the rat character that appears in the Bonus game.  Using the Wacom
tablet, I animated the cat and rat in the Bonus game animations.  Designed the
items that were thrown out of the trashcan.

Poker Dogs
Designed the five canine characters and set them up to be animated in Flash.  I
created the main game screen including the buttons and card backs as well as
the layout of the bonus game using Photoshop.  I animated a special bonus
animation for each of the five dogs to be played after the player chooses a hand
in the bonus round.  I did the lip sync for the characters.  With the exception of
input from my direct supervisor and the programmers, I worked on this game by

Gambler's Edge Keno/Poker
Animated the tumbleweed, camera zoom, and the opening door.  Designed the
layout of the Instant Money Round.  Lip sync for the four characters as well as
background and layout design.

Montage Reel
MacCato (school mascot): Character design and animation
Cavy Casanova: Character design, writer, and animation
Zeke Jumps: Character design, background, and animation
Et Tu, Brute?: Character design, writer, background, animation
Cavy Casanova: (See above)
Fred from 'Scooby Doo': Cleaned up rough animation by hand, inking, color in
Flash, lip sync in Flash, additional animation
Call of the Wild: Story, character design, and animation
Dora the Explorer: Inbetweened Benny the Bull's dance
Et Tu, Brute? (color): Cleaned up original animation in Flash
I Just Can't Win: Character design, backgrounds, writer, animation
Scooby Doo: Colored in Flash
Et Tu, Brute? (color): (See above)

Dora the Explorer: Dance to the Rescue
Inbetweened Benny the Bull's dance animation.  Set up the character in Flash so
that he could be easily animated.

Cavy Casanova
Designed both characters and created the story.  Roughed the animation out by
hand then cleaned it up and made adjustments in Flash.

Et Tu, Brute?
Wrote the story and created the two characters.  Did many revisions on the 'fat
guy' character.  Animated entirely by hand.

Scooby Doo and the Scary Stone Dragon
Fred:  Cleaned up rough animation by hand, inking, color in Flash, lip sync in
Flash, additional animation
Howard: Lip sync
Velma: Lip sync
Daphne: LIp sync
Velma: Lip sync
Howard: Lip sync
Shaggy and Scooby: Lip sync
Scooby: Animated his entrance and sniffing of the tile
Scooby: Colored in Flash
Shaggy and Scooby: Animated the two characters shaking

Bandit's Walk Cycle
Bipedal walk cycle where I designed the character.
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