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I am a classically trained animator who enjoys creating
art traditionally, in Adobe Flash, and with Adobe
Photoshop.  I enjoy drawing animals and have worked
on children's educational CD-ROM games, casino
games, and an iPhone game.

I'm sure you're wondering, why Dancing Cavy
Productions?  And what is a cavy anyways??

A cavy is a guinea pig.  So why dancing cavies??  Why
not!?  When I took my first animation class, I wanted to
create something that would define my work so that
everyone would know it was mine.  I needed something
lively, eye-catching, and fun.  I created Bandit, the
dancing guinea pig.  He was such a hit with everyone
that I continued to use him.  He was on the title page of
most of my animated works in college.  He has become
my mascot.  That's him dancing along the right side of
this page.